Monday, September 20, 1999

Plane Spotting – I

Image of SW 737 climbing

It is about 6:45 P.M. and I thought it would be interesting to photograph a Southwest Airlines 737 climbing into the evening departing SJC. Can you see it? Maybe I need a bigger target.

Tuesday, September 21, 1999

Plane Spotting – II

Image of American Airlines Flight 129

It is early afternoon, and a bright new American Airlines 777 climbs into the cloudless Silicon Valley sky enroute to Tokyo. AA Flight 129 is the longest scheduled passenger flight departing from San Jose International Airport, traveling 5154 miles to Narita/Tokyo. OK, enough of the plane spotting, not a good application for this camera, at this distance!

Wednesday, September 22, 1999

Industrial Renewal – II

Image reclaimation of Memorex building

It is about 7:55 A.M. we are having unusal weather, slight rain, there was even lightning and thunder last night. This picture was could have been more interesting, as I saw a kind of rainbow, seems a bit of it shows up in the picture. Remember the picture of industrial renewal last week? Progress happens fast. The demolition contractor pulverizes concrete and pavement. Much of the product of this demolition will actually be reused. This photo was taken from San Tomas looking east towards the remains of the former Memorex building in Santa Clara. I think I will try for something on the lighter side next time.

Thursday, September 23, 1999


Image of Self-Storage building, Santa Clara, CA

Morning at the self-storage building. These buildings house 2 stories of self-storage space. Why is this popular in Silicon Valley? Many reasons, here very few houses have basements, and thus the garage is devoted to storage. But here in Silicon Valley the garage is a special place. In addition to storing cars, people often start companies in them. If you want to see some Famous Garages, just follow the link.

Friday, September 24, 1999


Image of Intel bridge over Juliette, Santa Clara, CA
Image of Intel building, Santa Clara, CA

How could one mention Silicon Valley, and not Intel? We are standing on Juliette Ave. off of Mission College Blvd. in Santa Clara. The first picture is an inter-building bridge at Intel, and the next picture is one of the Intel buildings at this site.

Image of 2350 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA

The tower is actually on Juliette but its address is 2350 Mission College Blvd. I’ve been to this building alot when Heuristics Search was located here, but they are now in downtown San Jose. This tower will soon have companions nearby.

Saturday, September 25, 1999

The Sky Near Dawn

Image of pre-dawn sky in San Jose, CA

It was clear this morning. This is the pre-dawn sky facing east in San Jose.

Grocery Store

Image of supermarket: San Jose, CA

This is a shopping center, at El Paseo De Saratoga. We are facing Saratoga.

Sunday, September 26, 1999

Los Gatos Creek Park

Image of percolation pond, Campbell, CA
Image of percolation pond, Campbell, CA

It is a clear and bright day. These images are of a percolation pond in Campbell, CA. In the lower picture, are a pair of ducks enjoying the pond. We are looking to the south towards Los Gatos, and the hills. There are a number of percolation ponds in this area. They help to replace the ground water in the Santa Clara valley. This one also provides a setting for a park and recreation. Nice day today!