I have worked with CCDs in Semiconductor Metrology Equipment at Nanometrics and SiScan Systems. Both companies developed microscopy applications. I have started to collect information on the use of CCDs in astronomy.

I have collected:

Magazine References

  • Oddly, there was a publication devoted to CCD astronomy that is now out of publication, the title was CCD Astronomy. It was published by Sky Publishing Corporation. There are back issues available from Spring of 1994, through Winter of 1997.
  • “Capture the Sky on a CCD,” Astronomy, February 2000.
  • “How to Record the Digital Sky,” Astronomy, March 2000.


A Practical Gude To CCD Astronomy by Patrick Martinez and Alain Klotz.

Vendor Information

My list of vendors will grow, as I find them, and have time to update this page. At this time, I cannot offer any comment as to the quality/performance of a detector, or the vendor.

Meade Instruments Corporation: Most noted for telescopes, they also sell binoculars, microscopes, and other instruments. They have all sorts of accessories for CCDs in addition to CCD cameras themselves.

Micro Luminetics, Inc.: They have chilled instrument grade cameras, for all instrument purposes.

MURNAGHAN Instruments: A source of accessories, filters, flip mirrors, etc.

Santa Barbara Instrument Group: A source CCD cameras and advanced optical instruments.

Last Modified: 25 Jan 2000