NetBurner: Embedded “Dynamic” HTML

This next experiment is a little more interesting. I wanted to the ability to call a function from HTML, and return text information to the html server. The vendor had a nice simple example of this on their web site, where a counter of “hits” to the html page is displayed in the html, and updated. I used this example, and added it to my html page that I used in the prior experiment.

This experiment uses a call to a C/C++ function embedded in the html. The function called generates a number, and provides a text representation of that number to a special function which brings the text to the server. Check this link to the example: How do I create a dynamic web page?

I did the “make htmldata.cpp” in order to generate htmldata.cpp, all went well. Next I did the “make” and the new application was ready to download.

The system was as I left it: the serial interface on the NetBurner card to COM1 on my PC. All as the diagram shows.Diagram of NetBurner Development Set-up

At this point the download from PC to NetBurner card was routine. The application worked too. Each time I reloaded the html page, the counter was increased by 1.

At this point I am going on to bigger things. Shortly I may put the NetBurner card on a public IP address and have all these samples running when I am not doing testing. I’ll let you know when I do that.