NetBurner: First Custom HTML

The first experiment I tried was placing my own HTML file on the board. I figured this would be a good test of some of the tools, and I could use a known good html page.

I reviewed the “cookbook” section of the NetBurner documentation, and the process seemed reasonably straight-forward.

The unit worked as a server with the default files, so I had confidence in the hardware. This was a test of software tools.

I connected the serial interface on the NetBurner card to COM1 on my PC. The following diagram shows the general development set up.Diagram of NetBurner Development Set-up

I brought in an html file having banners (from an external server) as well as forms and text. I set up the project on my PC as instructed, and I was able to build the project the first time. It took me a few moments to locate the “S” file download to the NetBurner card, but I found they did exist.

I encountered my first “real” difficulty in an attempt to download the executable code to the NetBurner card. Basically, I was unable to get the on board monitor to work from my terminal command line.

After a number of tests, and other attempts, I could not get the NetBurner prompt, though the serial line seemed to work.

I used this as an opportunity to try their email support. Sending NetBurner a description of my problem. I found their answer in the next morning’s email, less than their 24-hour turn-around. The answer was clear enough, and did work for me. I downloaded my code, with the html file, and was able to server my own html file from the NetBurner card. This task succeeded.