ISDC 2001

International Space Development Conference

Two short flights on America West, with the early departure from San Jose we arrive in Albuquerque, NM and find a rental car just before noon.

With our busy schedule at home, it is still possible to attend a full afternoon of the International Space Development Conference on Saturday, as well as a good percentage of Sundays prior to our return to Silicon Valley.

So the timeline through the conference will be but a small percentage.

Brief Review

We arrived to sessions Saturday afternoon. It is clear this conference is diverse, as in the hallway walk noted astronauts, scientists, engineers, ordinary people, and folks one might see at a science fiction convention. This is quite pleasant.

In one session there is also diversity: the usual scientists and engineers, speakers from large and very small institutions. Different opinions are expressed and heared.

Sunday morning and early afternoon are much the same, one can learn much here formally, and informally.

On a more personal note, I was pleased to attend the dinner on Saturday: 2001: A Space Odyssey. There were a mixture of interesting people to meet at my table, and conversations and business cards were exchanged. We heared Arthur Clark by video, and live by phone from his phone. The actors Keir Dullea (Dave Bowman) and Dan Richter (moonwatcher) gave their impressions of making the historic film while Frederick Orway III talked of his experience as a technical advisor to Stanley Kubrick.

The part of the program I enjoyed the most was the talk by artist Robert McCall (see below!). I have been inspired by his art for years, and felt his talk the evening of May 27 wast the most inspiring part of the program.

In short the time I spent at ISDC 2001 was well worth it, and I left inspired. I will attend next year, longer I hope.

Photos from Albuquerque

The Hilton, May 26, 2001

Image or picture of Hilton in Albuquerque

At the crossroads in Albuquerque, the Hilton hosts the International Space Development Conference 2001.

Observing the Sun

Image of telescopes observing the sun at ISDC 2001

Brock Parker of The Albuquerque Astronomical Society assists visitors observing the sun in white, or hydrogen-alpha light. This is on the hotel patio just outside of the conference center.

Exhibit Area

Image or picture of Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley

The exhibit hall contained a mixture of artwork, and sponsor exhibits. Exhibitors included technology companies, publishers, and a variety of organizations. Since the year is 2001, a very special exhibitor was McCall Studios. Artist Robert MCCall is especially known for his famous publicity paintings for the film 2001 – A Space Odyssey.

McCall Studios

On the left is artist Robert McCall, in the center is his daughter Catherine, left is her husband Rick Nelson. Wish we had a better flash on this camera.

Robert McCall is also an inspiring speaker, his dinner talk on Saturday night was great.

Departing Albuquerque from Sunport: Dream of Flight

Image or picture of Sculpture in the Albuquerque airport

A special monument bids us farewell from the southwest. This bronze sculpture by artist L. Fox greets the eye as we walk to our departure gate.